Retinoid is one of the most recommended products to patients, but why? The answer is simple, it works.

Retinoid became popular more than 20 years ago as an acne treatment. Soon many doctors and patients noticed another benefit from using retinoid.

Skin cells contain retinoid receptors that help regulate how the cell functions. As we age our cells behave more erratically. Consistent use of retinoid helps normalize the cells. Skin texture is improved and dark spots fade with the use of retinoid because it causes the skin cells to turn over more rapidly. It shrinks dilated pores and improves cell turnover within the pores so they are less likely to clog and become blackheads or whiteheads. Retinoid holds a long reputation from its ability to affect the retention of collagen. Collagen is what gives skin its firmness and elasticity. Excessive sun exposure breaks down collagen, and with age, cells produce less collagen to repair the damage done. This damage results in wrinkles and loss in fullness. Regular use of retinoid increases the amount of new collagen that forms.

Some people who have used a retinoid product may have experienced a negative side effect and give up on using the product to soon. This common problem can be a quick fix with a little education on how to use the product and when. It is recommended to use a pea size amount to the entire face nightly. When first beginning a retinoid its advised to use it three nights a week for a few weeks, gradually increasing to every night. Some dryness is to be expected and adding in a moisturizer with the product is recommended. And of course, sunscreen is very important to add to your daily regimen!!

We offer Retin-A and Retinol at our clear medspa. Come by today to start a simple regimen that works!

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