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Spa Treatments

Founded by Board-Certified dermatologist Dr. Heather Haley, Clear MedSpa seeks to elevate the spa experience to a whole new level. Each day, we witness the confidence people gain when they renew their appearance through aesthetic treatments.

Some people know the treatments they want. They’ve enjoyed the benefits of Botox or a dermal filler before. They come to Clear MedSpa seeking a more comprehensive plan and optimized results: the difference board-certified medical providers will bring to their results.

We also have clients who are unfamiliar with aesthetic treatments. While they’re ready to benefit from the procedures, they’re not sure where to begin or which treatments are best for them. They seek to experience the difference aesthetic medicine can make in their appearance.

No matter where you fall in the spectrum of aesthetic knowledge, it’s our pleasure to educate and assist you. Medically-proven procedures performed by medical professionals is the clear difference. We invite you to experience the difference today.