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What is Mohs Micrographic Surgery?
Mohs Micrographic surgery is a specialized, highly effective technique used to treat skin cancer. The goal of Mohs surgery is to remove as much of the skin cancer as possible, while doing minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Mohs surgery differs from other skin cancer treatments in that it permits the immediate and complete microscopic examination of the removed cancerous tissue, so that all “roots” and extensions of the cancer can be eliminated. Due to the methodical manner in which tissue is removed and examined, Mohs surgery is recognized as the skin cancer treatment with the highest cure rate.

How effective is Mohs surgery?
Mohs surgery is the most advanced, precise method of removing skin cancer. It has a cure rate of up to 99%, as compared to a cure rate of 85% to 92% for standard skin cancer surgery.

The Mohs surgeons at Forefront Dermatology take pride in achieving the best outcome possible for each individual patient. From the initial consultation to the final post-operative visit, your surgeon will make sure that your experience is a successful one.
Advantages of Mohs Surgery
Skin cancer may initially appear as a bump or irregular patch on the surface of the skin. As the cancer grows, the size or shape of the visible skin mass may change. Some skin cancers can be deceptively large, sending out “roots” and extensions that are far more extensive under the skin than they appear to be from the surface. If left untreated, the skin cancer may spread into nearby muscle tissue, blood vessels, nerves or cartilage. Mohs surgery is specifically designed to track and remove these cancerous “roots.”

You can put your mind at ease knowing that in addition to providing you with the highest cure rate possible, the Mohs procedure removes the least amount of healthy skin compared to other surgical techniques. The immediate tissue processing and precise mapping done by your Mohs surgeon makes this possible. In some cases, the final surgical wound may be only slightly larger than the initial appearance of the skin cancer, however, occasionally the removal of cancerous “roots” can result in a larger wound
Special indications for Mohs surgery
Mohs surgery is not appropriate for the treatment of all skin cancers. Mohs surgery is indicated for cancers located in various areas of the body, in which maximal preservation of healthy tissue is critical for cosmetic or functional purposes, such as, areas around the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hairline, hands and feet. Mohs surgery is typically for skin cancers that have recurred following previous treatment or for cancers that are at high risk for recurrence.