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Classic Facials

We offer a variety of facials including:

Clear Signature Facial: This facial can be tailored for all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. Our trained skin care specialist will determine your skin type and decide on the products for you. We use physician grade products such as Obagi, Skin Medica, Revision and Elta MD. Not only will you have wonderful products for your skin but you will enjoy a face and neck massage as well. Relaxation and Results!

Anti-Aging Facial: A Clear signature facial with the addition of exfoliation and infusion of antioxidants. Our skin care specialist chooses the appropriate solution that is infused into your skin through the most advanced skin treatment available today. You will feel and look radiant!

Blemish Blast: This is just the thing for acne prone skin. A mask and steam will be applied to your skin and then manual extractions will be done to remove the most stubborn blackheads.

Super Blemish Blast: Blemish Blast facial with the addition of salicylic acid topical infusion