Brown spots, skin laxity, and texture changes are among some of the common complaints we hear about the hands. Here are some great treatment options to get your hands more youthful appearing.

Our hands are exposed to the sun more often then most people realize. Protecting them with sunscreen is the first step in keeping your hands looking youthful as well as preventing skin cancer.

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There are several other treatments for the hands to help fade brown spots and help with loose skin. Lumiquin is a great topical for the hands. Lumiquin enhances skin’s moisture level making hands look smoother, brighter, and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


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One treatment option most people are un aware about is filler. Radiesse is made of tiny spheres that are injected into the skin within a gel suspension. This gel dissipates as your body’s own collagen laces around the spheres, creating a long-lasting correction and smoothing. Radiesse for the hands is a great way to give back volume that has been lost.






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