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Facial Vessels / Redness

Sun damage and repeated episodes of flushing can add up to persistent red patches and broken blood vessels. We offer the most advanced treatments to improve the appearance of skin redness, using IPL and Iridex, either alone or in combination.

If you are troubled by facial redness, Haley Dermatology’s educated staff members will first meet with you and discuss medical treatment of any underlying skin diseases including acne and rosacea. We will recommend skin care products to reduce the appearance of redness, and to treat sensitive skin. There are very few topical treatments that make a considerable impact, so we usually recommend topical anti-redness agents in conjunction with laser treatments to optimize redness reduction.

Iridex (532nm wavelength laser) improves facial redness by targeting small blood vessels, located just beneath the skin’s surface. The blood vessels absorb the laser’s concentration of heat and are destroyed. Multiple sessions are needed to achieve maximal change.